If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Everyone ... the front desk staff and the dental staff ... are ALL excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, and caring employees/people!!!”

— Morgan T.

“My family likes how we are treated at each visit. The staff is warm, friendly, knows us, and actually cares about us. My kids have commented that Dr. Sheehan makes them love having braces.”

— Tyler A.

“I wish all doctors’ offices could be this way; the energy in the office is contagious. Dr. Sheehan and his staff are welcoming, positive, professional, hospitable, and caring. What a fantastic work environment!”

— Debbie K.

“Dr. Sheehan has given three of my chidren beautiful teeth over the last few years! I honestly cannot ever recall a single time when Dr. Sheehan and his staff weren’t upbeat and happy! I wish all businesses followed his work ethic and policies.”

— Connor L.

“Our family can’t say enough about the exceptional service provided by Dr. Sheehan and his staff. Every single person in Dr. Sheehan’s office is exceptional. Go teach other service providers what it looks like to run an exceptional office :) ”

— Ryan L.

“Everyone is top notch. Both of my kids have been treated by Dr. Sheehan, and we have had consistently positive experiences. I have complete confidence in Dr. Sheehan and his team. Rah-rah!!! Everyone is warm, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.”

— Sarah B.

“It is apparent that each staff member enjoys what they do and where they work. I believe Dr. Sheehan has the best staff by far!”

— Isabella C.

“This was our first visit for a consultation. I left impressed with the practice and my son felt comfortable throughout. Thank you.”

— Evan R.

“You guys were awesome, top to bottom! Things I like best are the friendliness of the staff, ease of getting an appointment, and the doctor is fantastic.”

— Madalyn D.

“Friendly staff, really enjoy Dr. Sheehan’s sense of humor and his energetic personality.”

— Colin C.

“The staff are always welcoming and superb with service.”

— Elliot J.

“This practice is amazing! Processes are streamlined but don’t feel impersonal! Love you guys!!!!”

— Calie D.

“We chose Dr. Sheehan over other orthodontists because in the initial meeting, Dr. Sheehan directed his conversation towards my daughter. He made her feel like an important part of the conversation. That plus numerous recommendations from friends.”

— Kaitlyn T.

“Great quality staff, friendly and helpful, clean modern office with great technology, Dr. Sheehan is wonderful.”

— Andrew S.

“I’ve had children seeing Dr. Sheehan and staff for almost five years. It is an amazing practice where everyone is friendly, courteous, and professional. They are ALWAYS on time, explain progress and procedures clearly, and have prices similar to other practices in the area. I highly recommend them.”

— Katharine D.


Other doctor offices could learn from this practice!

“From the moment we entered the office on day one until now, 10 years later, I have never had a moment of concern or issue with any staff or treatment plan. Dr Sheehan explains treatment plans so that you know exactly what to expect and why, and the staff from the front office to the chairside staff are always extremely pleasant and professional. Bottled water is offered and entertainment for the kids. Am I really in Germantown? It is easier to write checks to a place that you don’t mind visiting and get what you pay for (and then some) than some place that doesn’t appreciate the value of the customer. You will not be disappointed in the care you will receive from Dr Sheehan or any of the staff. Love you all!”

— Julia B.

Super caring people!

“Five star. First class. Caring and professional. GREAT experience for my children; yes, getting braces a GREAT experience!”

— Stephen

“Adults and children alike will find excellent ortho friendly staff, and a polished, professional dentist at Peter Sheehan’s office. These are people you can trust to provide state-of-the-art care. They do it graciously. The office is warm and inviting. It is a kid-friendly scene with all the tech bells and whistles that young people expect. Visit Peter Sheehan’s practice before deciding on your orthodontic care.”

— Mary H.

“Thank you so much for Amanda’s beautiful smile!! She was so excited to show off her new teeth at school!! Thank you for such a wonderful experience. :)”

— Krisie A.

“In my mind there is no place to go other than Sheehan Orthodontics! Dr. Sheehan’s patients walk away with beautiful smiles and the kids want to go back due to the fun, comfortable, state-of-the-art environment. I have never waited longer than five minutes for my children to be seen and the staff was very accommodating when ‘emergency’ appointments were necessary. One step into this office and a free consult, and I bet you won’t look anywhere else!”

— Denise B.

“We cannot say enough about Dr. Sheehan and his wonderful staff! My three daughters have had a great experience at Dr. Sheehan’s. He takes time to explain exactly what will be done and is always encouraging. His assistants are very gentle and kind, and we are always greeted with a smile. My girls never dread going in for their appointments; they actually look forward to it! The results have been amazing and we will always be grateful to Dr. Sheehan when we see our girls’ beautiful smiles!

— Laura T.

“Dr. Sheehan not only explained everything that was planned for my son, but explained it to him, so he felt more comfortable. He took his time and answered every question that my 8-year-old had. I thought that was outstanding! The office is beautiful and so patient-friendly. We are so happy we found such a friendly, knowledgeable doctor and staff for our orthodontic needs.”

— Jack M.

“Fabulous treatment and friendly, professional staff! Dr. Sheehan and his staff are wonderful! We are always greeted personally by staff. Dr. Sheehan explains exactly what will happen next in my daughter’s treatment. She loves going to see Dr. Sheehan and his friendly staff. They do lots of fun things for the kids, such as contests and a reward system. We would highly recommend Dr. Sheehan!”

— Emma P.

“Best ortho office around! I absolutely love visiting Dr. Sheehan’s office. It is very kid-friendly and entertaining, but also fun for the parents. I would recommend Dr. Sheehan to anyone!”

— Jennifer

“Dr. Sheehan and every staff member we interact with exceed my expectations. It is a fabulous office — from customer service to medical care — they are a first-class operation!”

— Avery

“Efficient, friendly, and professional! The staff at Sheehan Orthodontics has been super friendly and helpful from day one. They keep the appointments on time, yet never make you feel rushed out. They all have such great, positive attitudes!”

— Talia

“This office exceeded my expectations! I would like to recognize a specific staff member: Jill. Jill is extremely friendly. She knew I was apprehensive about getting braces. She put me at ease and made the entire appointment as stress-free as possible.”

— Christine C.

“The service and professional attitudes were very pleasant. Everything was perfect! Very much recommended!”

— Noam R.

“Dr. Sheehan’s office has up-to-date technology, including email and text reminders and online account access. I chose this office for great service, quality of work & friendly staff!”

— Alison K.

“An overall pleasing experience! I was greeted with a warm, bright smile by Leesa. Becky tended to my X-rays and was very pleasant! The office is very trendy, very nice to be in.”

— Maurice S.

“Everyone is fantastic! It is a pleasure to come to our appointments! I don’t think I could say that about any other medical/dental office! The only suggestion I have is to offer discounts on fixing ‘Mom’s’ smiles when the kids successfully finish their treatment! Just kidding ...you guys are awesome!

— Robin F.

“Many great years of service! We have had several family members in need of braces over the last ten years. Dr. Sheehan and his staff have always been kind and courteous! At times when I have had to get one of our family members in quickly, they have worked them in their schedule. I can only say good things about the practice and the way it operates. Thanks to Dr. Sheehan and his staff for all the fantastic service!”

— Sherri M.

“My daughter was voted ‘Best Smile’ for her class of 2012 at Northwest High School! What genetics couldn’t help her with, you and your staff did! Thank you all for making it possible!”

— Denise B.

“Our experience at this office has been absolutely amazing! The expertise, the technical evaluation, the friendliness of the staff, the detailed explanations, the availability, all the way around I do not know how anyone could select another orthodontist! Thanks, Dr Sheehan and staff for a great experience!”

— Angela N.

“Dr. Sheehan and the whole staff are always so friendly and seem genuinely happy to see us and ask how the kids are doing. And it’s especially great that Dr. Sheehan personally speaks to you and asks how things are. Other places tend to be like a factory, but your office is always welcoming and cares about your patients.”

— Talia H.

“Dr. Sheehan and his entire staff really understand how to take care of all their customers ... not just the patients, but the parents and siblings as well. Their operation is a well-oiled machine, the systems support the services, and the attention to going above and beyond for their customers makes a huge difference. My kids LOVE going there, which says a lot when you’re talking about eight- to 11-year-olds getting braces! And as a working mom, I greatly appreciate any service provider who values my time and seeks ways to be efficient without compromising effectiveness. Dr. Sheehan and his entire staff treat even the smallest patients with respect, and they have great ways of explaining to the kids and parents alike what to expect. I highly recommend them!”

— Samantha P.

“If you want your child to have a terrific experience while having to wear braces, this is definitely the place for you. This is a team full of experienced, fun-loving staff that makes this experience a piece of cake for children. The children actually look forward to going to appointments.”

— Sydney R.



“I love Sheehan Orthodontics! My son is in his second year of braces and every experience we have had there has been positive and wonderful. We are always seen at our appointment time — sometimes before, if we arrive early!! — and are usually done before being there for 30 minutes. Dr. Sheehan is polite and kind and caring; all things you want! All of the rest of the office staff and assistants are as well, and we could not ask for a better experience. Our 12-year-old son has had nothing but positive experiences there and is never anxious or worried to go to his appointments. I highly recommend you give them a try. If you just go in for a consultation, I’m sure you will be convinced as well!”

— Kimberly W.